ZWAP! Online – Final Things and Ambassador Actions

**NOTE**: This is an archived version of ZWAP-O! Check out the updated version here.

Final Things

What do you know now??

You’ve made it so far, completed so many activities, and hopefully have learned about Zero Waste in Missoula. I’m proud of you. Can you show me what you’ve learned?

This is similar to the quiz you took to start ZWAP! – but now you have the knowledge! Click here to take the quiz again and show me what you’ve learned!

Thank you so much for participating in ZWAP! Online, I hope you had fun!


Ambassador Actions

There are four Ambassador Actions and if you choose to do one or more of them, then you, too, can become a Zero Waste Ambassador!

You know you’re a Zero Waste Ambassador when you…

  • Drink from a reusable water bottle every day:  Bottled water is bad for the planet.  It takes a lot of energy and makes a lot of waste to bottle and transport water.  Just turn on the tap!  Choose to reuse water bottles, shopping bags, clothes, toys, and more. 
  • Practice Zero Waste at meal times:  Together we can tackle food waste and lunchtime litter.  Only take what you think you will eat.  Save or share leftovers, and compost food scraps whenever possible.  Use reusable lunchboxes, cups, dishes, silverware, and napkins. 
  • Shop second hand first:  Think “thrifty” when looking for school supplies and “new-to-you” clothes or shoes.  Check out local thrift stores or pawn shops before heading to a big box store.  Choose stuff that can be reused, repaired, repurposed, recycled, or composted.  And finally, 
  • Help one person understand:  Knowing why waste is bad for the planet and how to reduce it is a great start.  Talk to your friends and family about it.  Help them understand the choices that we make everyday matter. 

If you choose to do one or more of those Ambassador Actions and you pledge to become a Zero Waste Ambassador, then you, too, can help us knock out waste in Missoula.

Take the Zero Waste Ambassador Pledge!

And that’s it! Thanks for completing ZWAP! Online. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me!

Take care,

Hillary Sward

Zero Waste Educator | Energy Corps | Home ReSource