ZWAP! Online

Welcome to the Zero Waste Ambassador Program Online!

First, thank you so much for participating! I am so glad you’re here and I hope you enjoy all of the different ZWAP! parts available to you online. So we can make ZWAP! as fun and educational as possible, we need to know what you know already! It would really help us out so we can keep ZWAP! the best it can be.

Before anything else, click here to take the quiz and show me what you know!

Now, this quiz is different from most other quizzes you have taken. Wrong answers are totally OK! If you have no idea, just take a guess. Wrong answers are better than no answers in ZWAP! After you have taken this quiz, click the link that says “Step 1: Getting Started” and watch the video then continue through “Step 6: Ambassador Actions and Final Things.”

Step 1: Getting Started

Step 2: Classroom Presentation

Step 3: Virtual Tour

Step 4: ZWAP! the Game

Step 5: Supplemental Activities

Step 6: Ambassador Actions and Final Things

Information for Parents and Guardians

Hello parents and guardians,

Thank you for encouraging your kid(s) to participate in Home ReSource’s Zero Waste Ambassadors Program (ZWAP!) Online.  Being unable to see so many students in their classrooms and coming through Home ReSource for field trips is hard, but we are all doing what is necessary, and Missoulians will come out stronger after this.  However long this lasts, we at Home ReSource intend to continue fulfilling our mission to serve Missoula. Part of that is adapting our educational programming to continue virtually.   

We have adapted ZWAP! into an online resource, and have been referring to it as ZWAP-O!.  The usual components of the ZWAP! experience have been adapted and their online counterparts are now available.  We’ve also provided some supplemental activities that can be done both on and off screen.  These are totally optional, but they will help create a deeper understanding of waste and the role we play.  

If nothing else, think of reducing waste as making choices and living with intention.  It is a lifestyle change, and sometimes a major one at that.  I hope you and your kids enjoy ZWAP-O! and all of the supplemental activities involved.  If you are interested in more things zero waste, or want to know more about ZWAP!, please reach out to me with any questions.   There are also a few resources here and on Home ReSource’s website that can help you understand what zero waste is all about, and how we can all take steps together to achieve Missoula’s goal of Zero Waste by 2050. 

If you are interested in zero waste, please take a look at some of these resources below:

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Video: Why I Live a Zero Waste Life