Pickups & Deliveries

 Pickups & Deliveries - Home ReSource
Home ReSource offers pickups & deliveries.

Want to schedule one?
Call John Powers at 880-5555.

Got something to donate?
About 85% of the materials we sell come from members of the public who are remodeling a home or cleaning out a garage, basement, or attic. Some of those items can be difficult to move. We can help! Our Donation Acceptance Policy will give you an idea of the kinds of items you can donate to Home ReSource. Call John Powers at 880-5555 to schedule a pickup.

Need help getting it out?
Home ReSource Deconstruction Services is a full-service demolition contractor that can gently remove all manner of cabinetry, sinks, tubs, showers, and other home building materials that can be difficult to get out to make way for something new. Our Decon crew dismantles for reuse so that your donation can be used again in someone else’s home improvement project. Visit our Deconstruction page for more information on Home ReSource Deconstruction Services.

Buy something big and heavy at the Home ReSource store?
We can deliver it to your home. Call John Powers at 880-5555 to schedule a delivery.