Donated Materials Tracking

We want your leftover materials!

Are you a contractor, builder, retail outlet, or have a bulk of leftover materials after completed jobs or seasons?

Let Home ReSource take these materials off your hands! Your business will save on disposal fees, do great things for the community and environment, get free advertising at Home ReSource, and receive a year end donations receipt of all items donated throughout the year for your tax purposes! What’s the downside? NOTHING! 

Be a green business leader in our community and be a partner with Home ReSource in the effort to reduce waste in our community.
Sign up for Home ReSource’s Donated Materials Tracking!



What is Donated Materials Tracking?

Donated Materials Tracking is a partnership between your business and Home ReSource.
It is simple! You schedule a pickup or send anyone from your business to Home ReSource to donate excess building materials to Home ReSource throughout the year. <Here is a list of items we accept> We take pictures of your materials, keep a detailed list of each donation, and then send it on over at the end of the year for your  tax purposes and/or to tout about your amazing efforts to keep our community vibrant and green.

What materials do we accept?

Here is a list of items we accept.
Unsure about something you have? Just bring it on down or ask at pick up!


Who can get involved?

Any business that plans on or potentially might be making multiple donations in a calendar year.


How do I sign up?

Fill out this agreement and send it back to , drop it off at Home ReSource, or return it with your first donation pickup.


How do I schedule a pickup?

Call for a pickup at 880-5555


Do you have more questions?
Email Bry, our Intake Specialist at and make all your donation tracking dreams come true!