ZWAP! Zero Waste Ambassadors Program

Where does stuff come from? Where does it go when we’re done with it? What actions can we choose to take to knock out waste in Missoula? How can we make a difference and create a healthier planet?

In ZWAP!, our Zero Waste Ambassadors Program for fifth graders, we seek to answer these questions and provoke more thought through an educational adventure into reuse and other “R” words.

Since we launched ZWAP! in 2016, more than 2000 young Missoulians have had an opportunity to think more critically about materials – where they come from and where they go – and to become empowered with the knowledge that their choices really do matter. One parent chaperon remarked the program was “fantastic from beginning to end” and teachers have thanked us for creating a “well-developed, fun, and meaningful” program.

We are constantly evolving ZWAP! to create a program that can be more fun and more meaningful to more of Missoula’s leaders of tomorrow.  We seek to reach all Missoula fifth graders each year with a program that provides a framework to make sustainable choices into an uncertain future. To that end, we take program evaluation very seriously. For insight into how ZWAP! is evolving, take a peek at our reports:

Read the ZWAP! 2018 report.
Read the ZWAP! 2017 report.
Read the ZWAP! 2016 report.

Want to get ZWAP!ed?

View the ZWAP! 2019 invitation. If you’d like more information, please contact Jeremy, Community Engagement Manager,


ZWAP! is supported in part by The Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation.