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Staff positions! Volunteer positions! Internships opportunities! What can you do at Home Resource?

We’re currently hiring a Reuse Specialist!

See the job descriptions and learn how to apply by clicking the links above.

Home Resource has numerous opportunities for individuals and groups looking to build community and strengthen Missoula’s culture of reuse. You can help us realize our mission by working on our staff (as positions become available), by volunteering, or by completing an academic internship.

Volunteers are always welcome. You can help by organizing one of our material departments, unloading donations, denailing lumber, sorting paint, or any number of daily activities that keep Missoula’s wheels of reuse turning. Got special skills? Perhaps you could assist with one of our skill-building workshops. Got a curious mind? Help research building technologies or alternative uses for the materials in our waste stream.

However you want to plug in, we’re happy to help you have the best volunteer experience for your interests and skills. As we say, there’s room for everyone in a vibrant and sustainable local economy.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Matt at