Fixit Clinics

Exercise your right to repair!

A Fixit Clinic is an event where community members can bring their worn, broken, or malfunctioning items for help learning to repair them.  Skilled volunteers (aka Fixit Coaches) help repair those items by sharing their knowledge & skills. The result is technology demystified, more people empowered with simple repair know-how, and less stuff trashed & replaced.

Fixit Clinics also help us think critically about our relationship to consumption and sustainability and demonstrate how repair is a good way to reduce the global burdens related to resource extraction and waste. These events are gaining traction with new clinics regularly starting up all around the world. We hosted Missoula’s first ever Fixit Clinic on Earth Day 2018!

2023 Fixit Clinics

January 28th —  11am-3pm Home ReSource Community Room

March 8th — 4-7pm Home ReSource Community Room

April 22nd — 11am-3pm Home ReSource Community Room

Clinics are free to attend – Donations are appreciated! 

All ages welcome and open to the public.

Registration is appreciated – Sign up HERE to attend our next clinic.

Can’t make it to the Clinic? Check out these online repair resources.

Interested in being a coach? We are always looking for more coaches!

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please send an email to or call 406-541-8301.

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