Spontaneous Construction

SponCon returns on Saturday, September 14th!

SponCon is the nittiest, grittiest, smashin-est, bashin-est, clangin-est, bangin-est, creativist, barbaloot savin-est party in town!

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SponCon 2016 photo by Ronni Flannery

Designed to inspire a culture of reuse with a free, engaging community activity, Spontaneous Construction, or “SponCon” for short, has become an annual Missoula tradition. Contest participants have seven hours to use their choice of Home ReSource materials to build the most beautiful, functional, and creative pieces they can dream up.

We provide a variety of enjoyable, inventive reuse activities, music, and access to local food vendors for contestants and spectators alike. The event draws teams of artists, DIYers, and builders to create works of art and utility, as well as approximately 500 onlookers just there for the fun. After the judges announce winners, some pieces are auctioned on site, and top-judged creations go to the Benefit Auction.

We are currently planning SponCon 2019. If you are interested in providing a kids’ activity station, please contact Jeremy [jeremy@homeresource.org]. Stay tuned for the live line-up announcement!