Zero Waste Leadership

Home ReSource is leading citywide public and private-sector efforts to achieve ambitious Zero Waste goals:

  • Collaboration with City officials and City Council has resulted in the adoption of the citywide ZERO by FIFTY Zero Waste plan that outlines guiding principles, specific actions, and frameworks for achieving 90% waste reduction by 2050.
  • A growing partnership with Missoula County Public Schools has led to ZWAP! (Zero Waste Ambassadors Program) reaching every 5th grader in MCPS, the first ever Zero Waste Classroom, a district-wide Zero Waste Plan, and ongoing efforts to create pilot Zero Waste Schools.
  • Innovative education and outreach programs empower generations of Missoulians across socioeconomic sectors with the knowledge, skills, and desire to make choices that pave the way to citywide Zero Waste goals.
  • Momentum behind ZWAP! and development of associated sustainability curricula have propelled Missoula to the forefront of Zero Waste education efforts statewide.
  • Technical support and guidance to area entrepreneurs has resulted in new Zero Waste businesses (e.g. compost collection and deconstruction businesses).
  • Collaboration with city vendors and businesses has generated increasing support for widespread waste-conscious practices (e.g. compostable serving containers, straw and styrofoam bans, Zero Waste stations in public spaces).