Happy Earth Day!

Sunday is Earth Day and our neighbors at MUD are throwing a party to celebrate.

Join us and 50 other organizations and businesses, local musicians, local food vendors, and Missoulians from all walks of life for an afternoon filled with fun and games, performances and a panel discussion, tours, activities, and more.

Get more details and sign up to volunteer at mudproject.org. There’s still one more slot left for a Zero Waste Ambassador!

Material and form.

“Endless Columns” 2017

Tyler Brumfield set up shop on our mezzanine this week. He’s a sculptor on the verge of receiving his Master of Fine Arts from UM where his recent thesis show got a rave review. Tyler is excited to discover new relationships between material and form during his artist residency at Home Resource. Read more about Tyler on this post and mark your calendars for a First Friday opening on June 1 in the Home ReSource community room.

Seeking Zero Waste Ambassadors! MUD’s annual Earth Day Celebration takes place on Sunday April 22 at MUD and this year’s theme is “Ending Plastic Pollution: Missoula & Zero Waste.” Home ReSource will be leading the Zero Waste effort for the 4th year in a row. Sign up here to volunteer!

ZWAP! is in the news! If you missed the Missoulian article, click here to read an in-depth look at a ZWAP! field trip and learn a little about why Home ReSource is committed to empowering kids to knock out waste in Missoula.

Our 2018 Artist in Residence

“Torqued” 2017

We are excited to announce our 2018 Artist in Residence. Tyler Brumfield is a Missoula-based sculptor who will be creating work using Home ReSource materials through May. It is likely that we will track his progress on our ReSourcery blogPlease mark your calendars for a First Friday opening on June 1 in the Home ReSource Community Room! More details on that to come.

Here’s a little bit about Tyler:

Tyler Brumfield was born and raised in rural Oregon. He spent many summers on his grandfather’s small farm, learning how to work and build. He gained familiarity with tools and a fascination with tactile materials. His father taught him the value of work and perseverance from a young age, and his grandfather shared with him the satisfaction in making something with one’s own hands.

Tyler discovered his affinity for visual art at Western Oregon University. He quickly discovered an attraction to design, but sculpture was by far the most captivating. For Tyler, sculpture was the perfect marriage between working with his hands and academic study. His initial interest was nurtured and grown into technical skill, critical thought, and confidence.

Recently, Tyler moved to Missoula, Montana to pursue a Master’s of Fine Arts degree at the University of Montana. His recent work has been influenced by introductions to new methods and materials, as well as new knowledge and experiences. Tyler is excited to discover new relationships between material and form at Home Resource. He is excited to spend time in the yard hunting for materials and components to build sculptures with.

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Giving and receiving.

You know the old saying “it is better to give than to receive?” Well, we’re not so sure about that. It’s true that giving is really important to us. We give back to the community through affordable building materials for our customers and discounted or free materials for Material Giving Program participants. We give back through our community partnerships, our Work Programs, and our Education Programs like our no-cost skill-building workshops and ZWAP!. Yet, as a nonprofit business that pays the bills and our employees’ living wages thanks to your donations, receiving makes our giving possible.

So, with Missoula Gives one month away, the role giving and receiving plays in building community is on our mind. We’re grateful for all the ways you already give to Home ReSource. And we’re curious if you receive anything from Home ReSource—other than these Featured Items emails—that makes you feel grateful for us. If there are, we want to hear them! For Wendell, our Climate Change Studies intern, it’s all about toilets (stay tuned to find out why). Let us know what it is for you by sending Tylyn a note at tylyn@homeresource.org.


The girls of the YWCA Missoula GRIT spring break camp spent the day at Home ReSource. After a week of learning electrical, carpentry, welding, and bike repair skills, they can now add “reuse” to the list.

Guided by Home ReSourcerers Deb, Brandon, Katie A., and Steve (not pictured), this seriously awesome bunch of middle school girls busted out the power tools and measuring tapes and got to work. They learned tool safety. They built birdhouses (from reclaimed cedar). They learned about 2x4s. They got ZWAP!ed.

We are inspired by these girls representing in the trades. They most certainly got grit! Thanks for letting us be a part of your week-long, skill-building adventure.

And the award goes to…

ZWAP! our Zero Waste Ambassadors Program for 5th graders!

The Montana Environmental Educators Association (MEEA) has presented Home ReSource with a Business Award “in appreciation of your work and support of the field of Environmental Education in the state of Montana.” ZWAP! uses games, quizzes, and lots of hands-on activities to teach kids about where materials come from and where they go, and provides a framework to empower students to make decisions for a more sustainable future.

Jeremy Drake, our Community Engagement Manager and creator of ZWAP!, traveled to the annual MEEA Conference in Great Falls yesterday to accept the award and connect with teachers from across the state. Who knows? Maybe someday ZWAP! will be in classrooms from here to Glendive!

Franklin Elementary 5th grade teacher, Zero Waste classroom pioneer, and 3-time ZWAP! participant, Kim Johnson, nominated us. Thanks Kim!

Ten tons of rolling reuse.

Have you seen a giant, box truck-shaped Home ReSource billboard cruising around town lately? That’s because our Material Donation Acquisitions Specialist, John Powers, is back in action after taking some time to rehab a new knee. Welcome back, John! And while he was away we spruced up his “office” by wrapping the 26-foot reuse mobile with new graphics. Give John a ring at 880-5555 if you want him to pick up your tax-deductible material donation.

Speaking of cruising and new things, everyone’s cruising may soon become limited when construction crews begin building a new bridge and a new bike/ped underpass on Russell St. The heavy duty construction work is slated to begin April 15th, and we are assured that two lanes of traffic will be open throughout the process. Learn more at the Montana DOT Russell St Project Open House on Monday, March 19 from 3-7 p.m. at the Salvation Army, 355 South Russell.

Got a hunger to learn about food waste and how to reduce it? Check out the screening of “WASTED! The Story of Food Waste” at The Roxy also on Monday, March 19, but at 6:30 p.m. The event is hosted by the Montana Student Chapter of the Air & Waste Management Association. After the film Jeremy Drake, Home ReSource’s Community Engagement Manager, will help further sate your appetite when he joins Jessica Allred from the Missoula Food Bank and Amy Hutton from the Western Ag Research Center for a panel discussion.

Collaborative trail blazing.

MMW Architects, our friends and collaborators on the Climate Smart Public Shade Shelter project in 2017, traveled to Butte yesterday for the U.S. Green Building Council’s Montana Annual Summit. There they received a 2018 Mountain West Leadership Award for Most Successful Community Engagement in the Public category.

The Milwaukee Trail Public Shade Structure was inspired in part by MMW’s winning SponCon 2016 creation and emerged from Climate Smart Missoula’s Summer Smart program to address increased summer heat and wildfire smoke.

We are thrilled that MMW received this recognition and believe it’s a sign that our community project collaborations are hitting the mark by combining good design with reused materials and quality craft in service to a community need. A big shout out to Steve Nelson, our Grand Poobah of Special Projects, for his project management, people wrangling, and hammer swinging skills.

Curious about what community projects we’ve got cooking this year? Stay tuned!

ZWAP! happy.

These Missoula 5th graders aren’t the only ones smiling. We’re tickled pink that our Zero Waste Ambassadors Program is back in action with 30 classes on the line-up for this spring.

Two classes have completed the educational adventure into reuse and other “R” words so far and these students are inspiring us with their ideas for what a Zero Waste world could look like. Reusable food & product packaging? OK! Teaching others how to recycle? Alright! Supporting the Earth’s natural systems by using less stuff? Yeah! They are creating a vision for a better world and this is just the beginning, folks.

Stay tuned! We’ll share more great ideas from the ZWAP! 2018 cohort in the coming weeks.

Sustainable Missoula: Our community can achieve Zero Waste by 2050

By Katie Deuel, Executive Director of Home ReSource
Published in Missoula Current, February 23, 2018

Nobody likes to waste: Certainly no one sets out to do it.

But here in the Treasure State, with our long-standing ethic of self-sufficiency and resourcefulness, statistics show that Montanans waste 60 to 90 percent more than the average American.

My experience with my fellow Montanans is that we are a hardworking bunch, often with strong connection to the land and a willingness to take actions to keep our natural and human communities thriving. But we aren’t doing that with our waste stream: So where’s the disconnect?

Let me go out on limb – a relatively safe one, like the lower branches of an old-growth ponderosa pine, perhaps – and suggest a couple factors that may be in play…Read the entire article at missoulacurrent.com.