Ready… Set… Plan!

By Katie Anderson, Energy Corps Service Member at Home ReSource.
Published on, June 13, 2018

This spring, I have been coordinating a Zero Waste planning effort with Missoula County Public Schools (MCPS). Our goal is to align the district with the City of Missoula’s ZERO by FIFTY plan. MCPS is one of Montana’s largest districts, representing over 10,000 staff and students in 17 schools. After many meetings, presentations, and drafts, the MCPS ZERO by FIFTY Zero Waste Plan is ready to be brought to the district’s Board of Trustees….Read the entire article at

Dads are rad.

Home ReSource employs a lot of dads (and some moms, too). We also help a lot of dads (and moms) get their projects done affordably. We think dads (and moms) are awesome. Let the ones in your life know you care by choosing to reuse. The dads in this photo (and the rest of us Home ReSourcerers) can help.

Did you know that despite the Russell St construction noise it’s so quiet here on weekends you can hear a rusty nail drop? Come on down and take a listen!  For all you weekday reuse warriors, we hear the pounding on our side of Russell St will wrap up soon. Until then, keep shopping with your fingers crossed and your hearing protection on.

Adaptive reuse.

Looking for a 5,000+ square foot historic building? Good news! The Missoula County Fairgrounds is looking to possibly relocate their maintenance building offsite to the right home. Built by the Works Project Administration in 1940, the building has “significant character defining features” and its structural components are in “fair condition.” Curious? Check out the Condition Assessment Report.

Missoula Federal Credit Union members! MFCU’s Give Together charitable campaign is happening now. Select from 8 local non-profits to win $50,000 in grants! The top 3 non-profits that receive the most votes will be awarded grants of $25,000, $15,000 and $10,000. Each member has one vote. Voting closes on 6/15. Vote today!

ZWAP! 2018 – it’s a wrap!

The third full year of ZWAP!, our Zero Waste Ambassadors Program, concluded this week. Hailing from 29 classes representing 11 schools, more than 600 Missoula fifth graders increased their ZWAPtitude. The 2018 cohort brings the total number of Zero Waste Ambassadors to 1905! Middle schools, look out! You’re about to have students in every grade with the know-how to knock out waste in Missoula. (Sweet photo by Tom Bauer, Missoulian.)

Thanks to Katie Anderson, our Energy Corps service member, for being a phenomenal Zero Waste educator. Thanks also to the fantastic teachers who let us into their classrooms (16 three-peaters!) and for bringing their amazing 5th graders to Home ReSource! And thanks always to Tim Lovely, our thoughtful and generous donor, for being our biggest ZWAP! supporter.

Opening now! Join us this evening until 8 p.m. in our Community Room for Tyler Brumfield’s “Pragmatic Sculpture” exhibit.

Sustainable Missoula: If hospitals can ‘go green,’ so can all organizations

By Beth Schenk, Ph.D. MHI, RN-BC, nurse scientist and sustainability coordinator at Providence St. Patrick Hospital.
Published in Missoula Current, June 1, 2018

Hospital-based care is a complex endeavor. It relies on some of the most educated and prepared individuals in any community, the most recent technologies and communication systems, safe buildings, and facilities that can provide care through any emergency, storm or disruption.

To accomplish this, hospitals are resource intensive….

….hospitals create an incredible amount of waste, 29 pounds per patient per day on average. Many types of waste are regulated (and expensive), including nuclear, hazardous, infectious, universal and pharmaceutical wastes. Other waste streams include compost, recycling and landfill. Staff must be knowledgeable and careful to segregate these waste streams consistently….Read the entire article at

Tyler Brumfield art opening.

We are thrilled to invite you to join us next Friday for the first-ever art opening in the Home ReSource Community Room. Tyler Brumfield, our 2018 artist-in-residence, has been working with particle board, 4x4s, and formica to explore the creative reuse possibilities of the functional sculpture known as the coffee table. RSVP on Facebook.

Who doesn’t love yard sales? Waste Less Works, a local deconstruction & material recovery business, is having a huge yard sale tomorrow from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. and next Saturday, too. Check it out at 2604 Industry Way.

Sustainable Missoula: Music venues step up efforts to protect river, recycle, compost

KettleHouse Amphitheater nestled along the beautiful Blackfoot River

By Sven Arneson, Community Engagement Manager at Logjam Presents
Published in Missoula Current, May 25, 2018

Missoula-based live entertainment company Logjam Presents has been steadily growing since its 2016 inception, gaining substantial support from Missoula residents and tourists alike.

As Montana continues to embrace live entertainment, Logjam has in turn accepted its responsibility and obligation to the community, doing what it can to ensure present and future generations have the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.

The owners of Logjam Presents also own the 1,500-capacity Wilma, the 4,500-capacity KettleHouse Amphitheater, and the 600-capacity Top Hat Lounge – all three venues located in greater Missoula.

The amphitheater hosted six concerts in its first season and is currently scheduled for three times that in 2018. Each year between The Wilma and Top Hat, over 120 ticketed events take place, in addition to the daily operations of Top Hat’s growing restaurant and bar business.

With the influx of traffic flowing through Logjam’s doors, the need for sustainable business practices became increasingly apparent to owner Nick Checota.

In December of 2017, Logjam Presents announced the launch of its Going Green Initiative– a collaborative effort to foster environmentally conscious practices that contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future for patrons, the surrounding community, and the world as a whole….Read the entire article at

Resource Fair tomorrow!

Are you a manufactured home resident interested in home repair, weatherization, financial counseling, and the connection between health and housing? Come on down to the FREE Resource Fair for Manufactured Home Residents tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in our Community Room. Weatherization workshop at 10 a.m. More info here.

Also in our Community Room, join us at a First Friday opening for Tyler Brumfield on June 1. Tyler, our 2018 artist-in-residence, will unveil his sculptural explorations of one simple, functional object: the coffee table. How many permutations involving reused materials are possible? Come and find out!

Thank you, Missoula!

With your generosity, Missoula, we more than doubled our original Missoula Gives goal last week. Thank you for supporting us with your words and your dollars. Whether you appreciate what we’re doing for individuals right here in Missoula, or you appreciate how we are tackling issues of global significance, we are so grateful for your gifts.

No, you’re the best! Maybe one day the Missoula Independent Reader’s Poll will have an option for businesses to vote on who the best customers are. Home ReSource customers, obviously! Until then, it’s the other way around. We hope you’ll keep us in mind when you vote before 5/16.

Mark you calendar! Interested in home repair, weatherization, financial counseling, and the connection between health and housing? Attend the Resource Fair for Manufactured Home Residents on Saturday, May 18 in our Community Room.

Sustainable Missoula: An open letter to China from Home ReSource

By Jeremy Drake, Community Engagement Manager at Home ReSource
Published in Missoula Current, May 11, 2018

Dear China,

You sure have created quite a stir. At first, I was surprised that you decided to stop taking the world’s recyclables — and I wasn’t the only one. People everywhere are struggling with your decision to pull out of the global recycling market. We had gotten used to the way things were. Then you started shutting your ports. And all of a sudden, here we are in the midst of a global recycling crisis. Things were looking dire; now I see that this might just be what the world needs.

To a great extent you created the conditions for the modern world to recognize — or remember — that materials aren’t “waste” until they’re wasted. You helped us Americans to become very diligent recyclers. For many of us in Missoula, recycling represents one small thing we can do to show we care about the Earth and our future.

Honestly, many of us didn’t know that our good intentions were paving a dangerous road. We thought we were doing our part by simply putting our paper and plastic in the right bin and keeping those materials and others — like electronics — out of the landfill. For years we didn’t know that our efforts to be good stewards came at the expense of the health of your people and your environment. Then the word started to get out and now we all know that we have been keeping our backyards clean at the expense of yours….Read the entire article at