Youth Internship & Apprentice Programs

Youth Internship Program (YIP)

Our Youth Internship Program (YIP) is an employment program that aims to engage high school-aged youth in building retail and reuse job skills, understanding the interworking of a nonprofit, and gaining awareness of efforts to create a sustainable community.

An integral part of the internship is the Building Community Project, where students learn building and wood shop skills to provide a useful item for a community member or organization of their choosing. Our 2015 intern, Brandon, built a chess table for the student lounge at Willard High School. He showed a great deal of commitment and attention to detail and turned out quite a beautiful piece of furniture!

Former youth intern Brandon (right) and his Building Community Project facilitator Steve Nelson playing a serious game of chess.

Current interns Abby and Miranda are gaining tool skills, exploring the realm of creative reuse, and becoming light bulb experts.

Abby building the new storm door rack

Abby building the new storm door rack

Miranda testing light bulbs

Miranda testing light bulbs



Youth Apprentice Program (YAP)

Our Youth Apprentice Program (YAP) is an employment program that provides on-the-job training in green building skills to young adults and sets them up for future employment success.

In February, our youth apprentices constructed native birdhouses using reclaimed cedar boards. They ripped, cut, sanded, drilled, and branded the wood for 50 birdhouses in 4 days in the Home ReSource shop. During that time, they honed their woodworking skills, learned about production efficiencies, and prepared a product for sale from start to finish.

Expert volunteer Tim Stone teaching all things electrical

Along with practical skills, these young people are learning how to work together in a fun, supportive, and creative environment.

Our YAP program is supported in part by the Human ReSource Council.