Types of Reuse

Reuse shows up in many forms. A few of our favorite types of reuse include:

Conventional Reuse – when a product or material is used again, as-is, for its original intended purpose. We see a lot of this kind of reuse at Home ReSource when folks take home sinks, toilets, cabinets, trim, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, doors, and other items to use them for their original intended purpose.

Creative Reuse – when additional value is added, through innovation or creativity, to a product or material to create something unique with an entirely new function. Also known as upcycling, creative reuse is the soul of our signature annual event Spontaneous Construction. We’re always eager to hear about and see folks’ creations from Home ReSource materials. Send your photos and descriptions to sweetprojects@homeresource.org

Deconstruction – the process of carefully dismantling a building so that its fixtures and materials can be reused and/or recycled. In contrast, reuse and recycling are not considered in traditional building demolition. The Home ReSource Decon crew has salvaged everything from bowling alley lanes to 1,000-year old hand-carved wooden panels as well as sinks, toilets, cabinets, wire, pipe, lumber, plaster and a wealth of other reusable materials from sites across Montana.

For more information on reuse check out the Reuse Alliance.

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