Are you are Re-Gifter?!

The best day of the year was just yesterday! Did you miss it? It was National Re-Gifting Day!

Yeah, we all know the infamous stigma created around re-gifting but that was so 1995.

Turns out folks receive gifts that they don’t want A LOT. And those unwanted gifts, returned to the store or not, have a high likelihood of ending up in the landfill and creating tons of waste and unwanted consequences for our health and the environment.

That’s why we love National Re-Gifting Day! Normalizing re-gifting for special occasions throughout the year could save you tons of money, help reduce waste, and have many other benefits for the planet! There are some suggested guidelines on how to thoughtfully re-gift your unwanted presents so you can re-gift with a clear conscience.

And hey! If you just can’t bring yourself to re-gift to a friend or family member, you have many options to donate them to a local thrift store or your favorite Community Sustainability Center where your unwanted gift can turn into someone’s beloved treasure!

Just a reminder, for you last minute shoppers, we are open Monday – Thursday next week and then will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Stop on in for the ultimate re-gifting gifts or gift card!

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