Did you pick up the Super Spectacular Spontaenous Construction Library Scavenger Hunt Bingo Card?

How did ya do? Check your answers below!


Still Point- Just a statement piece for staring into, not for banging on.

Chill Time – With an umbrella, and prints that can fit any butt, this is a comfortable way to have an outdoor drink in style. 

Duck Duct –You can catch smaller versions of this swimmin’ in rivers, but if you saw this in the Clark Fork, you might be scared!

4 Beers & a Wrench – This may have been created by thirsty painters – mid paint job.

Knick-knobs Bits & Bobs —  This has the knobs and it has the bobs.

Electrify house – If only we were small enough to call this sustainable dream house – home.

Your Drawers are Showing – Junk, undies, or socks – this has enough compartments for you to put anything away!

Table on Fire – Warmth AND stability! This creation would be the perfect date on a cold night.

In Memory of TLD — Don’t take this table for granite – it’s small but sturdy.  

Red Light Specials – Is it dark in here? These red creations might help with that.

A wizards study – This table and lamp duo has legs for days.

Kids Kitchen – Sizzle, stir, steam – can you smell the yummy pretend smells coming from this small creation?

Going Postal – Meant for displaying your knick knacks, this creation is addressed to you.

Lorax quote – This creation was inspired by a small orange character who lives in this very building.

Furniture Suite Drink Pillar– This creation will have you stumped. 

Furniture Suite Table — This table comes up short in height but not in style. 

5 O’Clock Somewhere – What time is it? This creation would know, and so would Jimmy Buffet.

Patio Pair —  These two side tables might have more roasty toasty functions than meets the eye.

Don’t forget you can return your completed Scavneger Hunt to Home ReSource to be entered into a spectacular Home ReSource gift Basket valued over $100! Just dont forget to fill out your contact info so we can contact you if you are the winner!

Winner will be drawn on October 18, 2021.

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