Zero Waste Resource Roundup 3/22/21

Amidst the turbulence and uncertainty of present times, one thing remains constant – Home ReSource’s spirit and enthusiasm for Zero Waste! We hope that’s true for you, too.

We want to make it easy for you to stay engaged and motivated, so we’ve created the “Resource Roundup” – a list of Zero Waste events, news, and opportunities to keep us all busy and informed.

Stay curious, keep learning, and hold onto that Zero Waste spirit!

Virtual Fixit Clinics | February 13-June 19 (dates added periodically)
Want to try fixing from home? Present your broken item to a global team of expert community repairers and get suggestions for things to try. After all items have presented we move to Zoom breakout rooms to implement the suggestions and, hopefully, fix the items. Fixit coaches are invited to participate, as well!

Virtual Film Screening: The Story of Plastic (& meet the director!) | March 21-28
Gallatin Valley Earth Day and The Valley of the Flowers Project are presenting a virtual screening of the film, The Story of Plastic. Starting Sunday, March 21st, watch the film whenever you like by visiting to get the free link. Also, join a live virtual talk on Thursday, March 25th at 7pm to hear the director, Deia Schlosberg (MSU film school graduate), talk about the making of the film. (Special local guests also). Q&A session. REGISTER for this event HERE.

Northeast Recycling Council’s Spring Conference: Reframing Recycling in 2021 | March 30 – 31
NERC’s Spring ’21 Conference is a virtual two-day event on March 30 – 31 (1 p.m. – 5 p.m. daily). Taking a fresh look at existing strategies and discussing new approaches are the focus for NERC’s Reframing Recycling in 2021 Conference. The Conference Agenda includes some of the most popular topics in recycling and reuse today. Register here.

Beyond Recycling: Making Zero Waste Work Session 1, The What, Why, How of Zero Waste | March 31, 12pm MST
The first of a six-part virtual series hosted by Climate Smart Glacier Country. Each session is held on the last Wednesday of the month and focuses on a particular aspect of community “zero waste” efforts. Panelists for this session include Home ReSource Executive Director Katie Deuel and Helena’s Citizen Conservation Board. Register here.

Zero Waste Entrepreneurs | March 23, 12pm MST
Chrise de Tournay hosts this interactive session with 3 Zero Waste Entrepreneurs leading the way out of waste by building the circular economy. Vanessa Pope – Founder and Exec Director of For Here, Please (non-profit) and MudLab (zero waste cafe and dry goods/grocery store). Oakland, CA
Stephanie Regni – founder and owner of, a refill store for non-food items and zero waste products (home and body care) Berkeley, CA Max Wechsler – Manager of Urban Ore, a for-profit reuse store and city partner. Berkeley, CA

EPR Masterclass 101 | March 24, 10am MST
Back by popular demand, the EPR Masterclass webinar series is relaunching in 2021 with a new lineup of key topics. Join Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance (EXPRA), the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI), and the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) with hosting by Parpounas Sustainability Consultants (PSC) for another four-part series to explore EPR from diverse stakeholder perspectives.

Sustainable Markets for Sustainable Materials | March 24, 12pm MST
Jon Michael Huls, Santa Monica College, and Rob Watson, Solid Waste Environmental Excellence Performance (SWEEP) Standard, will discuss:
-The current state of recovered materials markets
-Future of sustainable systems for material recovery
-How SWEEP supports sustainable market development
-Preparing for continued job growth in SMM sector

Municipal Parks & Composting | March 25, 12pm MST. $25
Get an inside look on how three municipal parks have developed composting programs. Each organization takes on unique challenges based on its feedstocks, decontamination processes, public education, and general compost methodology. 

Using Community Gathered Data to Drive Public Policy | March 30, 12pm MST
Data can demonstrate the need for policy, embolden education and outreach efforts, and provide motivation for community engagement. New technologies that enable community engagement and never-before-possible data capturing are emerging. How can you use data and technology to precipitate change in your community? How has data been used to inform litter and zero-waste policies in cities across the United States? In this webinar, we’ll explore how Litterati, a litter data intelligence platform and app, is utilizing COVID-safe community building and data collecting to inform public policy.

Food Scrap Recycling: Opportunities and Realities of Anaerobic Digestion | April 8, 10am MST
What is the current status of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) as a recycling option for food scraps? What are the opportunities and challenges in diverting food waste from landfills to AD facilities? What policies and programs would support further development of AD facilities for food scraps? Join the Environmental Law Institute, BioCycle, American Biogas Council and leading experts as they explore these questions and seek solutions to diverting food waste from landfills and recycling to create valuable products through AD.

Extended Producer Responsibility: Creating Systemic Solutions to our Waste Problems
As consumers, voting with our dollars, breaking free from single-use plastics and recycling and composting are crucial steps to take. But we must also create systemic solutions to set our society up for success and the development of a circular economy. Crucial to this is Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) – a policy approach that holds producers accountable for their role in the waste crisis by requiring them to pay for the recycling of their products and packaging. Join Eco-Cycle resident experts Kate Bailey and Rachel Setzke to learn all about how EPR improves recycling, creates a more equitable recycling system, and how Colorado is moving forward on this important Zero Waste solution.

2021 Plastic Policies Roundup
UPSTREAM invites you to a conversation with Yinka Bode-George from the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators, Judith Enck from Beyond Plastic, and Miriam Gordon from UPSTREAM to learn about the types of plastics and packaging-related bills being introduced; what’s in the federal Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act; how extended producer responsibility for packaging and deposit-return systems are shaping up; and how reuse policy is moving forward at the city and state level – even during the pandemic.

Material Characterization and Economic Impacts of Recycling – 2020 Reports
A webinar reviewing the latest information reported in EPA’s most recent Advancing Sustainable Materials Management: Facts and Figures 2018 report. EPA will present on trends in U.S. materials generation, including recycling, composting, combustion with energy recovery, and landfilling. The second half of the webinar will cover economic indicators and trend data such as personal consumer expenditures, commodity values, and tipping fees.

Plastic Film Recycling & End-Markets
A panel conversation about residential plastic film recycling and the status of film end-markets.

Malaysia is not a “Garbage Dump”: Challenges in the Global Plastic Waste Trade and Ways Forward
Following the ban of solid waste imports by China in 2018, the waste trade unfortunately expanded into countries that do not have the regulatory frameworks and/or waste management infrastructure needed to deal with the massive influx. In Malaysia, this has resulted in lots of illegal recycling facilities and dumpsites in the country. What are the challenges faced in managing this global problem? What is the impact of foreign plastic waste in Malaysia? What are the solutions? Should countries ban the export of plastic waste?
Read the accompanying report: Malaysia is not a garbage dump: Good governance and the global plastic waste trade

Tackling Plastic Pollution
Changemakers from the Citizen consumer and civic Action Group (CAG) hosted a webinar to bring consumers together to tackle the ever-rising tide of plastic pollution,  while also shining a light on the effectiveness of recycling labels, Amazon’s plastics trade-offs, and the plastic bans imposed in Tamil Nadu, India.

Oppose Montana HB 407: Establish a statewide uniformity for auxiliary container regulations. This bill passed through the House and is scheduled for a hearing with the Senate Business, Labor, and Economic Affairs Committee on March 23 at 9am. This bill would prohibit municipalities in Montana from implementing bans or fees on “food containers” (including styrofoam and plastic bags). Learn how to take action with this toolkit.

Sign on to this letter from the Institute of Local Self Reliance and Zero Waste USA to ask President Biden and Vice President Harris to establish policies and programs for waste reduction, reuse, recycling and composting that will stem climate disruption, address racial justice, and create thousands of jobs throughout the country. 

Sign this petition to urge Biden to be a Plastic Free President.

Support the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act of 2021 (take any of the actions suggested in the document linked above, and/or sign this petition).

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Activists rally to put a lid on plastics

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Key state environmental council approves initiatives to reduce plastic waste

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Report: A National Strategy to Reduce Food Waste at the Consumer Level

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Europe pledges to make beverage packaging fully circular by 2030

Food waste creates more greenhouse gases than the airline industry

A Compost + Soil-Based Response To COVID-19

Zero Waste Europe welcomes European Parliament’s strong actions towards a decarbonised and circular EU economy

New report reveals plastic polluters’ attempt to derail ambitious implementation of EU circular economy targets in Spain

Cleanups: the gateway to a zero waste community

People wasting almost 1bn tonnes of food a year, UN report reveals

Reducing Contamination In Residential Curbside Organics Carts

Why we need to “Break Free From Plastic” AND embrace reuse

EPR for Packaging: Then & Now

California legislators take aim at plastics with new bill package, including contested producer responsibility plan

CLEAN Future Act leads possible string of bills linking recycling issues to climate efforts

New Roadmap Tackles Compostable Packaging Barriers

One year of the EU’s Circular Economy Action Plan

MPCA: ‘Almost Every Closed Landfill It Oversees’ Has PFAS Groundwater Contamination

The World Is Stuck With Decades of New Plastic It Can’t Recycle

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