Zero Waste Resources in Missoula

We asked, you answered! On our recent Zero Waste Questionnaire, we asked you what the biggest barriers were to reducing waste. The top response? Lack of access to resources or services.

Several of you commented on the lack of services available, or being unaware of the community resources and services that exist in and around Missoula.

Cut to – The Community Zero Waste ReSource Guide.  We have built this list of local Zero Waste Resources in and around Missoula. The establishments listed below are just some of the places we know of where you can reduce, reuse, recycle, repair, repurpose, donate, and borrow!

It’s only a start. This list is a work in progress! You have a great zero waste business, tip, or trick?  Let us know!!

We also recognize on a larger scale that there is a lack of access to resources and services, and that’s why we are here! We are working with the city to develop infrastructure and services, and as we take these first big steps together, it helps us understand how to make it possible for others.

You are a part of the change!

PLEASE NOTE: Some services may be limited or changed due to COVID

Appliances, electronics & repair services

Places to purchase or donate reused/reconditioned appliances and electronics, local repair shops and services, and e-waste recycling:



Places to purchase art made from repurposed and recycled materials:


Baby & Kids

Places to purchase and borrow reused baby and kid clothing and supplies:


Beverages & Growler Fills

Refill and bottle return-friendly beverage establishments:



Places to purchase and borrow reused books:


Buy nothing groups & free stores

Free goods & materials exchange:


Clothing & Thrift

Places to purchase and donate reused clothing, shoes, and other belongings:



Refill and non-toxic DIY cleaning resources:



Compost collection & drop-off services:


Construction & Deconstruction

Reused building materials and deconstruction services:



Dining out

Restaurants with compostable or recyclable takeout containers:


Events & Venues

Public events and event venues that have made sustainability and waste reduction commitments:


Groceries & Food

Bulk and package-free food options:



Furniture & Home Goods

Places to purchase or donate reused or sustainably made furniture:


Personal Care & Hygiene

Places to purchase package-free personal care and hygiene products:


Recycling & Safe Disposal

Tools to find recycling drop off and collection services:


Misc. Community Sharing & Rentals

Places to borrow, share, and rent miscellaneous items and services:


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