Zero Waste Resource Roundup 12/18/20

Amidst the turbulence and uncertainty of 2020, one thing remains constant – Home ReSource’s spirit and enthusiasm for Zero Waste! We hope that’s true for you, too.

We want to make it easy for you to stay engaged and motivated, so we’ve created the “Resource Roundup” – a list of Zero Waste events, news, and opportunities to keep us all busy and informed.

Stay curious, keep learning, and hold onto that Zero Waste spirit!

Virtual Fixit Clinics | December 13-February 13 (dates added periodically)
Want to try fixing from home? Present your broken item to a global team of expert community repairers and get suggestions for things to try. After all items have presented we move to Zoom breakout rooms to implement the suggestions and, hopefully, fix the items. Fixit coaches are invited to participate, as well!

How to Buy Recycled – A Training | January 13, 12pm MST
This training webinar will provide purchasing officials, decision-makers, and recycling advocates with information about: Why buying recycled is important; legislation and content standards; making a commitment to buy recycled; getting started; examples of recycled products; price, quality and availability; specifications; testing; contracts, cooperative purchasing and closed loop; waste Prevention and Environmentally Preferable Purchasing; and recordkeeping and evaluation.

The Rise of Packaging-Free Shops | January 19, 6am MST
Zero Waste Europe recently conducted a pioneering survey on the rise of packaging-free shops in Europe and what this means for waste prevention levels. The findings of this survey will be presented at the start of the webinar and will form the basis of the discussion throughout, with leading experts from industry and business sharing their insights into what role packaging-free shops can play in societies transitioning towards zero waste.

Recycling Markets in 2021 | January 28, 12pm MST
With the new year, will the recycling markets get better? We will hear from three leading industry experts on what to expect in 2021.

Art for the Earth Project
This two-part video series features local organizations & individuals and uses a variety of art forms to explore environmental problems and solutions in support of a healthy, regenerative, just, biologically diverse and vibrant earth. Part 1 recording here and Part 2 recording here.

COVID-19 and Zero Waste
This webinar will bring together waste and health experts to assess the impacts that the COVID-19 virus is having on zero waste policies and strategies in Europe. It will examine whether governments can simultaneously prioritise the health and protection of their citizens, whilst also progressing towards their local zero waste agenda.

Extended Producer Responsibility Master Class
A series of webinars jointly organized by ISWA and EXPRA to explain the concept of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).

Fixing for Change: Design and Repair
In this video discussion, we’re joined by three authors whose work focuses on how to transition to a more sustainable and equitable pattern of consumption.

MassDEP Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Palooza
RRRecycle-palooza features useful information to get you and your community pumped about smart recycling. It is a series of 4 webinars, including Waste Reduction & Why It Matters, Buy Smart! Buy Recycled, Implementing Effective School Recycling Programs, and Optimizing Our Recycling Education & Outreach Efforts.

National Zero Waste Conference recordings
The National Zero Waste Virtual Conference is a three-day educational and networking event organized by the National Recycling Coalition featuring local, national, and international experts discussing the latest updates and best practices to get to Zero Waste.

Plastics – A Complex Topic: The Global Perspective
Plastic and plastic recycling are among the hottest topics being discussed. It’s not just an issue in the US, it’s global. On this webinar we will hear about the challenges associated with plastic use, recycling and disposal around the world.

Recycled Content in Paper – Opportunities & Challenges
So much national conversation focuses on plastic recycled content, that sometimes paper gets lost. This webinar will open our eyes about the current use of recycled paper and future initiatives.

Value of Repair
This webinar shared approaches to expand the growing repair movement that center around culturally vibrant gatherings where people can bring broken items to be fixed or repurposed with assistance from an “expert” — who may also be a neighbor or friend. These organizations and events help repair objects as they build community by bringing together the collective spirit of sharing, stewardship and waste reduction.

Have a Zero Waste Holiday
Still looking for gifts? Not quite satisfied with your decorations? Click the link above to check out Home ReSource’s zero waste holiday tips!

Sign the Plastic Free President Petition
This plan outlines eight priority plastic actions President-elect Biden can take without Congress. (Main campaign website here.)

Share the Zero Waste Declaration
Authored by the Zero Waste International Alliance, this Declaration describes a common vision of zero waste communities. (Opportunity to sign in support in mid-December.)

Write an article for the Sustainable Missoula Column
Sustainable Missoula is a weekly column in the Missoula Current which features voices of Missoulians working to make our community cleaner, greener and healthier. Topics range from clean energy, to zero waste, to local government and nonprofit sustainability efforts and news, and everything in between! Articles are published Fridays in the Missoula Current. If you’re interested in submitting an article, contact Sarah Lundquist,

Brand interest in reuse rising, but it still accounts for less than 2% of plastic packaging market

Parliament wants to grant EU consumers a “right to repair”

Automated Return-It station: New automated bottle depot opens at Big White

One Answer to America’s Recycling Problems—Make Big Brands Pay

Congress gives recycling infrastructure potential boost with Save Our Seas 2.0 passage

In rare show of solidarity, 14 key nations commit to protect oceans

Over 550 Environmental Groups Rally Around Call for Biden to Act on Plastics Pollution in 2021

Cities to pay residents for bottle and can pick-ups and drop-offs; new pilot projects innovate CRV redemption to test recycling solutions

Senators introduce bipartisan legislation to combat ocean plastic pollution and marine litter

Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Nestle Named World’s Top Three Plastic Polluters

5 takeaways on emerging trends from the National Zero Waste Conference

New study highlights Minnesota’s use of trash incinerators, effects on health

Oregon Metro Releases Commercial Food Scraps Contamination Report

New EPA solid waste report: Advancing Sustainable Materials Management: 2018 Fact Sheet

Study presents new framework to assess urban food waste policies and initiatives

Deciphering the latest EPA recycling report

Reusable VS single-use packaging: a review of environmental impact

The State of Zero Waste Municipalities

Demystifying Biopolymers And Compostable Packaging

Research shows explosive growth in deposit return systems

How cities can take the first step to financing zero waste systems

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