Where Zero Waste Meets Social Justice

A Zero Waste world is a circular, regenerative system where materials, people, and communities are valued. The Zero Waste model presents an alternative to our current linear model – where resources are taken from the earth, transformed into products that are used for a short time, then thrown away, all while exploiting peoples, disenfranchising communities and cultures, and polluting bodies and ecosystems. A Zero Waste economy is a circular economy, where materials are designed to last and enrich, human and environmental health are protected, communities are empowered to thrive, and there is no such thing as “waste.” Zero Waste and social justice are deeply intertwined – we cannot have one without the other.


To be truly effective and sustainable, Zero Waste solutions must be intersectional. Below are some resources we have gathered to help us understand intersectional environmentalism, identify connections between the environmental and social justice spheres, and work toward just solutions.


The basics:

  • Leah Thomas, intersectional environmental activist and eco-communicator


Going deeper:




Written by Home ReSource Education Manager, Sarah Lundquist

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