Western Montana Fair – Creative Reuse Division

Calling all creative re-users! Home ReSource is once again heading up the Creative Reuse division at the Western Montana Fair, happening Aug 5th – 9th, 2020. Things may look a little different (check out this year’s Covid-19 guidelines) but we know that hasn’t stopped you from repurposing materials to amazing works of art!

Registration is open now!  All exhibitors must register by Wednesday, July 29th, and all submissions are due Thursday, July 30th. So, make a stop at Home ReSource, pick up some reuse materials and get started on your award-winning masterpiece today!


General Fair Information: Submissions will be in person on July 30th, 2020 by appointment only from 8am-1pm.  Register online on or before July 29, 2020.  Winning submissions will be professionally filmed and photographed, and will be announced via the Fair’s news service subscription, social media, live streaming, and television during the original dates – August 5th-9th. Exhibitors will pick up their submissions (by appointment) on August 17th. Any items not picked up on this day will become property of the fair and will likely be disposed of. 


Submissions: Creative reuse, also known as “upcycling” or “repurposing,” is the act of applying creativity and innovation to bring new life or new function to existing materials. Whether transforming an old piano into a coffee table, stringing upcycled paper beads into a necklace, or reimagining scrap materials into a sculpture, repurposing is an exciting and crafty way to keep stuff out of the landfill. What can you create by choosing to reuse? Creative Reuse spans five divisions and seven classes.  Submissions will be accepted in the Commercial Building at the Missoula County Fairgrounds from 8am-1pm on July 30th.

You can enter multiple items in each class number.  A 3×5 index card with the following information is required for each piece entered: 

  • Name of piece/entry
  • Brief description
  • Specific materials used
  • Estimated percent of reused material

Exhibits that do not include the required description notes will not be considered for Best of Show.

Divisions and classes are as follows:


  • Junior – 14 and under
  • Showman – 15 and up
  • Elite – Anyone may choose to compete in this division regardless of age or experience.  A person that has been paid for their work, is currently trying to charge for their work, or has regularly taught skills in the making of their creative specialty should enter in the Elite Division only. 
  • Group – Wood Pallet Re-creations or Art and Sculpture classes only
  • ZWAP! Camp – Only for participants in ZWAP! Camp


  • 1400 Home Decor: This class covers functional decor inside or outside the home.
  • 1401 Wearable Fashion and Accessories: Create the ultimate wearable fashion or accessory item and share your style with others. Present it on your own unique display for best viewing.
  • 1402 Art & sculpture: Whether meant for display indoors or out, enter your project here.
  • 1403 Toys, games, & instruments: If your creation only comes to life when someone is playing with it, it belongs in this division.
  • 1404 Wood Pallet Re-creations: Functional or fun – adding your personal touch is the main requirement. Make sure your entry is ready for display, stands independently, or is prepared to hang.
  • 1405 Shoe Transformation: Rethink it – how to give those old shoes or boots new purpose. Extend the life of your once-favorite treads by transforming them into something functional and/or beautiful. 
  • 1406 Window to the soul: Save an old window from the landfill by creating a fresh look to it and an awesome artifact for your home, office, or leisure space. Entries must be transportable, no larger than 24 inches on the longest side, and both secure and stable for display on a flat horizontal or vertical surface. 


Volunteers: We are looking for 2-3 volunteers to help accept submissions on July 30th from 8-1. You don’t have to commit to volunteering the entire shift, but please sign up for at least one hour if you are able.  Masks are required, number of people in the building will be limited, handwashing and sanitizer will be easily accessible, and foot traffic will be controlled through the building to limit congestion.  Volunteers, superintendents, and those bringing in submissions will also be required to do a health screening before being allowed access to the building. To sign up to volunteer, contact Hillary at hillary@homeresource.org


Additional Info: For more information on how to register, COVID procedures, or other details, visit https://missoulafairgrounds.com/2020-creative-reuse

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