A Just and Vibrant World

At Home ReSource we are committed to building a just and vibrant world; a world that is only possible when no one has more power than anyone else because of the color of their skin, their physical abilities or stature, their gender, their life circumstances, or who they choose to spend their time with. Many of our embedded practices and programs are built on our long-held core values of treating everyone with dignity and respect, and fostering a safe, supportive, inclusive community; this focus will continue to guide what we do.

And yet we can and must do better and do more. We must use our voices and our actions at every opportunity to generate new outcomes to old stories. We will listen more closely, look unflinchingly, dig persistently and with purpose to identify, call-out, confront, and make meaningful changes in our organization and community. We must amplify voices that have been systemically silenced, adopt new perspectives, create new policies and whole structures, and shift power dynamics.

Every day presents opportunities to make a difference. Some opportunities we see; others we still need to identify. We are learning, and we welcome your input and thoughts about how Home ReSource can do and be better. Together—today, tomorrow, and every next tomorrow—we must be part of long-overdue change.

ReSourcery Blog

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