Celebrate World Environment Day with Us

Celebrate World Environment Day with Us

June 5th is World Environment Day (WED)! First declared by the United Nations in 1974 to raise awareness of and rally action on environmental issues around the globe, it was celebrated in Spokane, Washington around the theme “Only One Earth,” a sentiment that remains as poignant and apt today as it was then.

Scientists on the UN’s 2018 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change tell us we have a little more than a decade to make the sweeping societal transformations needed to keep climate change manageable. To do so, they urgently call for “fundamental transitions in the ways we produce, consume and dispose of goods and materials across society.” This is precisely what Home ReSource is working to do, everyday, all day long.

This year’s WED theme is “Time for Nature.” When you respect the inherent value in materials, when you make time to reduce and reuse, to be creative with materials and keep things out of the landfill, you are making time to let nature breathe a little easier and lighten the load on our natural resources.

Come celebrate World Environment Day with a trip to Home ReSource! We encourage adventures amidst the green and blossom-filled public lands surrounding Missoula as well. Thanks for all you do Missoula, for taking time for nature every time you reduce and reuse, for building community and our vibrant future together.

– Your pals at Home ReSource

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