New and Old

New and Old

We know that you ReSourcerers – staff and customers alike – are old hands at putting new life into used materials, rethinking outmoded constructs (like the idea that waste is an inevitable end for most materials) and helping us keep materials affordable and out of the landfill through your donations.

And we know that we are all experiencing a lot of new these days – at Home ReSource, it’s new hours, new protocols (for all recent updates, check our website), and even some new faces, like our new development manager (Cassidy) and our decidedly not-old VISTA volunteer coordinator (Jackson) who are stepping into new roles and helping out some in the store.

We know our new systems are taking some getting used to, and appreciate your long-held habits of being patient and understanding when we can’t take every donation because our quarantine area is full.

And we couldn’t be happier to see new faces as well as young and “old” regulars traversing our warehouse and yard once more.

Come see what’s new, show us your familiar face (behind a mask, of course), send pictures of your sweet projects, and bring us your old materials and fresh ideas. We are all in for what we all share – excepting viruses!

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