Missoula Gives

Missoula Gives

We have always believed each one of us has the power to make a difference.

Now is a time unlike any other. It is a time for each one of us to make the differences that we can, even as we attend to the challenges of today, to keep creating a just and vibrant future together. Let’s begin by articulating our vision of a sustainable tomorrow, and filling in that sketch of promise with the vibrant colors of true possibility.

And then? We can commit to learning and innovating to make new possibilities real and lasting. We can commit to howling with support (or frustration if needed) and bolstering those with less opportunity. We can commit to spending our dollars locally, helping sustain local food systems and the local businesses that have been hit so hard.

This is also a time to learn more about and support the non-profits that keep the fabric of community together, working the front lines, pulling for the long haul, and improving our quality of life. The 7th annual Missoula Gives, a 26 hour giving “day” ends at 7p.m. tonight. For those with means, please consider these six ways to help us reach our Missoula Gives fundraising goals and ensure our community sustainability programs and retail store thrive into the future:

Donate now! We are well on our way to meeting our ambitious goal of $15,000 but need your help. Every little bit matters.
Bring us your materials donations! The flow of materials through our store keeps our reuse engines running. We need your stuff!
Donate your time and muscle! Our volunteers keep things going… Once things reopen more fully, we would love it if you joined us!
Sharing is caring! Can’t give right now? We get it (truly!). But maybe you know someone who can. Please share this email or repost from our Facebook page!
Support our nonprofit partners. Collaboration is critical to the work that we do; we are stronger together. Our nonprofit community is over 130 strong and Missoula Gives supports them all!
Honor one of Missoula’s best: KD Dickinson of Portico Real Estate is the Jeannette Rankin Peace Center’s 2020 Peacemaker of the Year, and she hand-picked HR as one of her favorite local non-profits to support during Missoula Gives! If you know KD, please consider making a donation to HR in her name (hint: click “in honor of” on the donation screen and enter KD’s name!).
Not one among us chose to be on this journey, but together we can make an amazing difference. Thanks for being part of our community.

– Your pals at Home ReSource

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