Gratitude And Celebration

Gratitude And Celebration

In a world awash in uncertainty and grief, we at Home ReSource are still making time for gratitude and celebration. We hope you will join us. We have much to be grateful for, starting with you, the people who have made Home ReSource what it is, who have supported us and purchased from us, answered our flash polls, participated in programs and donate the materials that fuel the engine of Home ReSource and help power our local circular economy.

The 50th Earth Day is next Wednesday, and we call that cause for celebration! We could fill volumes with environmental victories and defeats over the last 50 years, but this 50th Earth Day reminds us, if nothing else, of some of our enduring values and strengths that we continue to draw on.

Let’s celebrate our commitment to living sustainably and building a vibrant tomorrow. Let’s celebrate our creativity, hard work and resilience. Montanans are self-sufficient and know how to make-do, we are connected to the land and natural systems, and we take care of each other. At Home ReSource, we are supporting those values everyday with every funky, dusty, inspired and sustainable particle of who we are.

– Your pals at Home ReSource

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