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As Missoula continues to work from their couches and shelter in place we wanted to provide a “resource” – pun intended – for folks to educate themselves and practice reuse and sustainability by sharing some low-budget DIY projects. Here you’ll find a few projects that require common tools and a list of needed materials. Detailed step-by-step plans were drawn up by Gill, one of our resident materials experts, and can be found by clicking each project’s title or photo.

We’d love to see your creations – if you complete one of the projects below, or build anything else with reused or recycled materials, send photos to sweetprojects@homeresource.org and we’ll highlight it on our social media.

Cardboard Desk Caddy

Materials                                                                                                 Tools
                                   • Cardboard Box                                                                            Box cutter     Hot glue gun    Ruler    Pencil

Garden Bench

Materials                                                                                           Tools
2×2’s     Wood Glue     2.5” screws                                               Mitre saw     Drill     Speed Square

Chicken Tractor

2×2’s     2×4’s     ½” Plywood     48” Hardware cloth     Wheelbarrow wheels     Allthread to match hub of wheels   

Four Nylock nuts matching allthread     Four washers matching allthread     Door hinges     Hasp latch or cabinet latches   

Deck screws: 1.5”, 2.5”, 3.5”, 5”     Staples


Mitre saw     Drill     Staple gun     Adjustable wrench     Hack saw

Raised Garden Bed

1×6’s              4×4 (at least 56” long)              2×4 (at least 48” long)              2.5” (deck screws 56 or more)


Power Drill               Saw (Mitre saw is the ideal but a handsaw will work if you’ve got the elbow grease)

Simple Compost Bin

2x4s               2.5” deck screws              5” deck screws

Chicken Wire or Hardware Cloth (¼” Hardware cloth is probably best)


Hand drill               Side cutters              Staple gun

Saw (Mitre saw is the ideal but a handsaw will work if you’ve got the elbow grease)

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