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Staying at home with the kids can be a challenge. During COVID-19, we thought it may be helpful to provide some  educational activities for all ages, from interactive online games to multi-day trash tracking challenges. We’d love to see and hear about your projects, and if you’d like to share with us you can shoot an email with a picture and description to sweetprojects@homeresource.org and we’ll feature you on our social media! We hope everyone is feeling safe and supported, thank you for being the caring community we love so much.


Cardboard Desk Caddy

Materials                                                                                                 Tools
                                   • Cardboard Box                                                                            Box cutter     Hot glue gun    Ruler    Pencil

Activities for All Ages

Trash Tracker: Track all of the items you use for three days and see how much ends up reused, recycled, composted or in the landfill!

Eco Friendly Bird Feeders: All you’ll need for this project is 1) Unwanted Shoes 2) Screws or Bungee Cords and 3) Bird Seed!

Newspaper Trash Can Liner: Compostable and sanitary origami challenge: Use a newspaper to line your organics bin!

Recycle City: Interactive website where you can play games, complete activities and learn how to get involved in recycling and reuse in your community!

EPA Activity Books: Coloring pages, word searches, origami, games and more! Best printed, but can be done on the computer.

Book One          Book Two          Book Three          Book Four

Other Activities

  • Pack a zero waste lunch and go on a family picnic while maintaining a proper distance from others.
  • Cut out homemade puzzles from greeting cards or cereal boxes before recycling them.
  • Create wind chimes from tin cans – painted or decorated however you like.

Activities for Most Ages

Reusable Bag: Make a reusable produce bag with just natural macrame cord and scissors!

Reusable Tea Bags: Tea bags that last! Materials: fabric, baker’s twine, thread, scissors, rotary cutter and mat, sewing pins or clips. Tools: iron, ironing board, and sewing machine.

Sandwich Wrap: Use regular fabric and waterproof fabric to sew your own reusable sandwich bag!

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