Make No Mistake About It

Make No Mistake About It

At Home ReSource, we work with, in, and for the community, and in these challenging times, we all need our community. Make no mistake about it, Home ReSource is here because of you: because you choose to shop and donate, to volunteer, to participate in programs and events, to reuse and to support the local economy.

And right now, we are thinking of you. What do you need? Our doors are shuttered to stop the spread of Corona, but we are busy on many fronts, getting ready to open again safely and getting programs online.

We suspect that you are busy, too. We know there is only so much binge watching TV that any of us can do. Some of you have jobs that are busier than ever – thank you for your work – others might be binge watching TV while cleaning under your stove (oh my!) and building that sweet project (chicken coop? Compost bin? shelf?) that you’ve always talked about.

Whatever you are up to, we’d like to hear from you!

Share your sweet reuse projects here

Save those unwanted reusable materials because we are going to be taking donations again as soon as we can!

And remember Reuse Warriors, in the interest of keeping our community healthy, practice social distancing and wash your hands like you just got done slicing jalapenos for a batch of nachos and you need to take your contacts out.

– Your Pals at Home ReSource

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