Sustainable Missoula: Address waste issues to build a sustainable future

By Katie Deuel, executive director at Home ReSource.
Originally published in Missoula Current, November 29, 2019.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Despite the wild inaccuracies of the story we Americans tell about the origins of this day, it is to me still a day to dive deeply into gratitude for all that I have. I am grateful for the amazing people I encounter every day. I am grateful to have access to local, healthy food. And I am grateful for the natural world that sustains us.

In that gratitude is a recognition that these gifts don’t just come from nowhere and that our future ability to continue to enjoy and appreciate them is not a given. Our current societal rates of consumption of materials place an unsustainably high demand on our natural and food systems, and on our community.

And so I find myself with another important gratitude: I am deeply grateful for the many opportunities I have to shift that unsustainable trajectory in concrete, doable ways and build and support my community while I’m at it….Read the entire article at

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