Sustainable Missoula: Poverello Center links ending hunger with sustainability

By Jared Bell, Food Programs Manager at The Poverello Center.
Originally published in Missoula Current, November 22, 2019.

At the Poverello Center, we often think about sustainability in economic terms. We ask ourselves what resources do the people we serve need to have a sustainable future? How can we connect them to services that will help them thrive over the long term? What housing resources are needed in our community to make sure everyone has a home?

As the Poverello Center’s food programs manager, I think a lot about sustainability and hunger. Having healthy food to eat that is affordable is critical for helping the guests of the Poverello Center find that sustainable future. Each day, I work with a team of volunteers to serve 400 to 600 meals. We also serve about 100 families a month at the food pantry located at the Pov. These programs are critical to helping people create an economically sustainable future for themselves.

The reality is that economic sustainability and ecological sustainability are deeply connected….Read the entire article at

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