Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day.

We applaud the Harlem, Montana city council who, this week, voted to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day. In doing so, they join cities across the nation—including Missoula, Bozeman, and Helena in Montana—that have chosen to reframe this national holiday.

Recognition of the atrocities and violence inflicted on indigenous peoples throughout our country’s history and in the present day is a great place to start and a terrible place to stop.

We know there are many more steps to take and we appreciate that this day is a reminder to reflect on what those steps might be. Our store will remain open on this important holiday.

Our friends at Open AIR are hosting a Celebration and FUNdraiser at Montgomery Distillery on Sunday, November 10 to raise support for their Artist-in-Residence program. We were proud to be a host site this year and hope to be again next year. Get your tickets today!

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