Sustainable Missoula: A family grows up with the fun (and ‘serious sustainability’) of SponCon

By Steve Allison-Bunnell who has used Home ReSource to store his junk pile for the last 15 years, much to his wife’s relief.
Originally published in Missoula Current, September 7, 2019.

The start of September in our household was, like it has been for most of the last 12 years, my cue to ask our sons, “What should Team Wunderkind do for SponCon this year?”

And no, it’s not about what we should wear to an obscure local sci-fi/fantasy convention. It’s Spontaneous Construction, the mildly competitive, exhilaratingly fun contest held by Missoula’s own Home ReSource to showcase the vast creative potential contained in its inventory of reclaimed building materials.

Here’s the drill: Get turned loose in a warehouse full of what to the casual eye is a spectacular, but well-organized hoard of junk. Have your pick of (almost) anything another contestant doesn’t get to first (the competition part). Work with all-consuming focus for seven hours straight to make something using only your team’s collective skills and personal tools. Our kids think this is better than a bottomless basket at the Sweet Palace in Philipsburg. Camas, now 18, started when he was 6. This will be Cedar’s fourth SponCon, having also started at the same age…Read the entire article at

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