Sustainable Missoula: Green building materials can reduce Missoula’s carbon footprint

By Caroline Lauer, Program Director at Climate Smart Missoula, and Sarah Ayers, Principle Architect and owner of Loci Architecture + Design.
Originally published in Missoula Current, September 7, 2019.

When we think about reducing our community’s carbon emissions, buildings are a huge piece of the puzzle. Buildings comprise 52 percent of our community’s carbon footprint, a higher percentage than the national perspective, where the building sector represents 39 percent of national emissions. The need to think critically about how, where and what we build only becomes more important as Missoula’s population grows.

Our community is in the midst of an important dialogue about how to preserve the assets that make Missoula great, all while maintaining affordability and welcoming new people into our community. Green building practices are an important part of the conversation, and we’re lucky to have a suite of possible tools and an array of local professionals dedicated to the task….Read the entire article at

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