Sustainable Missoula: Sustainability is a culture that includes and responds, UM institute teaches

By Peter McDonough, the incoming Climate Change Studies program coordinator at UM..
Originally published in Missoula Current, June 21, 2019.

The rented campus bikes and university-issued helmets have become a common sight in Missoula, as much a part of the summer hustle as First Friday strollers and station wagons of inner tubes caravanning upriver.

The University of Montana’s many summer institutes, exchanges and fellowship programs attract students from far and wide to learn about the state’s unique climate challenges and response. For graduate students from Laos and professionals from Burundi, Missoula is a classroom, a living demonstration of how a community faces climate change one small victory at a time.

This weekend is no exception: High school students from around the country, some of whom will be freshmen at UM this fall, will visit some of Missoula’s iconic sites (resourcerer’s note: including Home ReSource!) on a tour of what community-focused sustainability looks like in action…Read the entire article at

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