Sustainable Missoula: Manufactured home rehab team seeks to preserve affordable housing

By Max Longo, Energy Corps/AmeriCorps service member with Climate Smart Missoula.
Originally published in Missoula Current, August 24, 2018.

Right now in Missoula, affordable housing is a hot topic. Missoulians want access to safe, healthy, energy efficient homes that don’t break the budget.

In Montana, and Missoula is no exception, much of our affordable housing stock is manufactured housing. Manufactured homes refer to residences constructed in a factory and transported to a housing site where they’re installed. While commonly referred to as mobile homes, they tend to be relatively permanent and are distinct from truly mobile recreational vehicles (RVs). In fact, manufactured homes generally represent the lowest cost and most affordable housing in our state…

..To address this challenge, a group of Missoula organizations including Climate Smart Missoula, NeighborWorks Montana, Home Resource and the Human Resource Council formed the Manufactured Home Rehab Team and launched a project aimed at improving the energy efficiency, health and safety of community members’ homes……Read the entire article at

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