Sustainable Missoula: River City Roots Festival needs you on the Green Team

By Chase Jones, the City’s Energy Conservation and Climate Action Coordinator, and Britt Holewinski, the City’s AmeriCorps Energy Corps Service Member.
Originally published in Missoula Current, August 17, 2018.

Each year, the River City Roots Festival brings our community together and shares the magic of Missoula with not only locals but also with those who’ve traveled from far and wide. With incredible live music, art, culture, and fun for everyone, this festival is a great way to showcase everything that makes Missoula so great.

Join in the fun Friday and Saturday August 24-25, 2018, downtown Missoula.

A cornerstone of our community is our commitment to sustainability, which is why Climate Smart Missoula and the city of Missoula lead the charge on the green scene each year, ensuring the festival is as climate and waste smart as possible.

The Roots Festival has committed to reducing the carbon footprint of the festival while improving the health of our planet, our community, and festival attendees. From expanding zero waste options, to sustainable commute options, to protecting natural resources, the 2018 River City Roots Festival is dedicated to responsibly throwing Missoula’s best party….Read the entire article at

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