ZWAP! 2018 – it’s a wrap!

The third full year of ZWAP!, our Zero Waste Ambassadors Program, concluded this week. Hailing from 29 classes representing 11 schools, more than 600 Missoula fifth graders increased their ZWAPtitude. The 2018 cohort brings the total number of Zero Waste Ambassadors to 1905! Middle schools, look out! You’re about to have students in every grade with the know-how to knock out waste in Missoula. (Sweet photo by Tom Bauer, Missoulian.)

Thanks to Katie Anderson, our Energy Corps service member, for being a phenomenal Zero Waste educator. Thanks also to the fantastic teachers who let us into their classrooms (16 three-peaters!) and for bringing their amazing 5th graders to Home ReSource! And thanks always to Tim Lovely, our thoughtful and generous donor, for being our biggest ZWAP! supporter.

Opening now! Join us this evening until 8 p.m. in our Community Room for Tyler Brumfield’s “Pragmatic Sculpture” exhibit.

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