Celebrate Straw Free Day, Missoula!

First graders at Sussex School are leading the charge to break us free from plastic here in Montana starting with straws. From a proclamation from Mayor Engen declaring that today is Straw Free Day and local news coverage to a statewide “straws only on request” draft bill from Senator Malek, Ms. Laroche’s first grade class project has been a resounding success by any measure. These first graders are putting one of our favorite “r” words on the changemaker map, Request! Ask for what you want, you just might get it.

Join us downtown for Missoula Gives this evening! Help us celebrate the generosity of those who have made this our biggest year of giving yet! Giving is open until 10 p.m. Every dollar helps! Donate now. We will be out in front of the Florence Building giving high fives til the sun goes down.

Celebrate compost! International Compost Awareness Week starts Sunday. Shovel, sift, and apply. Your garden will love you for it.

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