Sustainable Missoula: Fifth-graders know a clean Earth equals a happy Earth

By Katie Anderson, Zero Waste Educator and Planner at Home ReSource through the Montana Energy Corps program
Published in Missoula Current, April 27, 2018

Kids these days. Chronic busybodies, social media aficionados, and impatient political activists. Add to that Zero Waste Ambassadors, and our Missoula community has a new generation of inspired changemakers on our hands. Are we ready to change with the times?

This spring, fifth-grade students have been creating blueprints for community change as part of the Zero Waste Ambassadors Program (ZWAP! – it’s the sound of knocking out waste in Missoula) offered by Home ReSource.

When asked, “Do you think we could live in a world that creates ZERO waste?” students are quick to answer with optimism, paired with critical thought of steps our community needs to take to achieve its Zero Waste goal.

Students’ agenda items include the following outcomes: “Find another purpose for all trash,” “for every tree cut down, 10 should be planted,” “no garbage mountains,” and finally, landfills that are “closed due to no waste.”…Read the entire article at

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