Giving and receiving.

You know the old saying “it is better to give than to receive?” Well, we’re not so sure about that. It’s true that giving is really important to us. We give back to the community through affordable building materials for our customers and discounted or free materials for Material Giving Program participants. We give back through our community partnerships, our Work Programs, and our Education Programs like our no-cost skill-building workshops and ZWAP!. Yet, as a nonprofit business that pays the bills and our employees’ living wages thanks to your donations, receiving makes our giving possible.

So, with Missoula Gives one month away, the role giving and receiving plays in building community is on our mind. We’re grateful for all the ways you already give to Home ReSource. And we’re curious if you receive anything from Home ReSource—other than these Featured Items emails—that makes you feel grateful for us. If there are, we want to hear them! For Wendell, our Climate Change Studies intern, it’s all about toilets (stay tuned to find out why). Let us know what it is for you by sending Tylyn a note at

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