Sustainable Missoula: Our community can achieve Zero Waste by 2050

By Katie Deuel, Executive Director of Home ReSource
Published in Missoula Current, February 23, 2018

Nobody likes to waste: Certainly no one sets out to do it.

But here in the Treasure State, with our long-standing ethic of self-sufficiency and resourcefulness, statistics show that Montanans waste 60 to 90 percent more than the average American.

My experience with my fellow Montanans is that we are a hardworking bunch, often with strong connection to the land and a willingness to take actions to keep our natural and human communities thriving. But we aren’t doing that with our waste stream: So where’s the disconnect?

Let me go out on limb – a relatively safe one, like the lower branches of an old-growth ponderosa pine, perhaps – and suggest a couple factors that may be in play…Read the entire article at

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