The wheels of reuse.

A few weeks back we closed our doors for one day to do our biannual Inventory Day. Not only did we take this sweet group photo, and lunch on delicious Iraqi cuisine courtesy of the Matti family, we also learned a thing or two.

We learned that, based on what was in the store that day, we turned over our inventory more than three times last year. Is that a lot? We don’t know. We’re pretty new to this whole inventory thing. I sure felt like a lot.

We learned that we have more than three tons of nails and bolts in our hardware department, nearly 2,000 gallons of latex in our paint department and, well, a heck of a lot of doors.

And we were reminded that each of us has our own reasons for keeping the wheels of reuse spinning and that we have a lot of fun when we come together to do it. Whatever your reasons may be, thanks for doing your part to keep ’em spinning.

Lost and Found: Speaking of inventory, occasionally we get items that we’d call “accidental donations.” Such a donation came to us recently in a safe. If you are the donor, call us and describe what you’ve lost so we can make sure you get your accidental donation back.

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