Stinso-dent Report.

Tomorrow we bid farewell to one of our warriors of reuse, Nick Stinson, who has been slicing and dicing waste with us for coming on two years. He’s moving on to pursue another noble cause as a firefighter at Miles City Fire and Rescue. As you can see by the picture, Nick – and his mustache – is primed for his next mission. We miss you already, Nick. Be safe out there.

You know who else we miss? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., that’s who. Doesn’t matter that we never actually knew the man. We know what he stood for and what he fought for and that, in our estimation, demonstrated the most noble of noble actions. Many don’t know that he was assassinated while attempting to organize sanitation workers who collected trash in Memphis. In our own humble way, we are honoring your work and sacrifices, Dr. King, by working to build a vibrant, sustainable, and just community through our operations, programs, and business practices. Happy MLK Day, friends.

Lastly, check out the new Sustainable Missoula column in the Missoula Current! The first edition was co-written by Katie Deuel, our director, and Amy Cilimburg, director of Climate Smart Missoula.

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