And the winners are…


Turns out that when people like Bob Johnson, our Volunteer of the Year (pictured with Katie last Friday), Rhiannon Roos, our youth-intern-turned-employee whose moving comments compelled banquet attendees to dig deep, the incredible artists and artisans who compete at SponCon and make our auction so unique, and people from all across the community come together in so many ways to support our mission, it’s Home ReSource who wins. Thank you to everyone who helped make our 7th Annual Banquet & Benefit Auction an unqualified success. From staff to former and current board members to donors, customers, and volunteers, we are grateful for your every contribution (including photographer Jonathan Qualben!).

Curious about our SponCon Grand Prize Winners? Each year at our annual Banquet & Benefit Auction, we announce the Grand Prize winner from SponCon. This year we had three! Find out who they were.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to our 2017-2018 Energy Corps service member, Katie Anderson. Katie has been quietly cranking away amidst all the auction hubbub since she started early last month and has already made great strides in her service. Read Katie’s blog post to find out what she’s been up to, which includes coordinating our new Zero Waste partnership with Missoula County Public Schools! Also, check out our ZWAP! 2017 Report to hear about how ZWAP! 2017 went and how we plan to improve it for 2018. Welcome, Katie! We feel like we won with you, too!

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