Make it rain.

Calling all lovers of fun, creativity, competition, community gatherings, local music, local food, and local beer! We ask you to pray, dance, howl, chant, or whatever else you can do to scrub our air of smoke before next Saturday – preferably sooner! If we prevail, we invite you to join us for a collective deep breath at SponCon on Saturday, September 16. Team slots are full, but we’re still seeking SponCon volunteers. Sign up!

In case you haven’t heard, Haz Waste Days aren’t happening this year. Missoula County is focusing on building a permanent haz waste facility for year-round collection of household hazardous waste. Having a local haz waste facility will be a great step forward on Missoula’s pathway to Zero Waste, which calls for reducing the toxicity as well as the quantity of our waste stream. We take good latex paint every day!

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