Shady characters.

Our friends at Climate Smart Missoula and MMW Architects are some of the shadiest characters we know. They spearheaded a project to provide relief from increasing summer temperatures with a public shade structure along the Kim Williams Trail as part of Climate Smart’s Summer Smart program. Steve Nelson, Home ReSource’s Grand Poobah of Special Projects, led construction of the wood structure, which was built using more than 90 percent reclaimed lumber. Imagine that! A functional, health-conscious structure intentionally designed with reuse in mind. This is an example of how we can build a more vibrant and sustainable Missoula when we work together, folks.

Perhaps you can vote them Best Shady Characters in the Indy’s annual Best of Missoula poll. If you don’t find that specific category, we suspect you’ll want to cast some votes in the categories that you do find. Polling closes in the middle of the night next Thursday. Cast your votes today!

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