Missoula Gives…

…to support community sustainability.

We see the value in people, community, and materials. From job skills training to reuse skills building, from youth education to Zero Waste community planning, Home ReSource is laying the foundation upon which Missoula’s culture of sustainability can be constructed.

On May 4 & 5, Missoula Gives is a 24-hour opportunity to show your support for our Community Sustainability Programs. But why wait til then? You can start giving online today and all next week at the store.

In other news, the makers of the #1 indie movie of 2016, “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things,” – aka The Minimalists – are returning to Missoula on May 9 for an in-depth talk about minimalism – aka living with less, aka implementing the first “R,” aka using less stuff. More info here.

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