Ready. Set. ZWAP!

ZWAP! 2.0

Robert spins the Wheel of Zero, one of our ZWAP! gamesZWAP!, our Zero Waste Ambassador Program for fifth graders, has come a long way since we wrapped our first semester last May. This week, the educational adventure continues with a new game-based format. Students will play ZWAP! The Game, Let’s Build This!, and the Wheel of Zero, a game show-style game about how to reduce food packaging waste (demonstrated in the photo by Robert, one of our fantastic Work Programs participants). Each class will compete for points to see who emerges as the ZWAP! Masters! While we chalked up our first year of ZWAP! as a big success, we are committed to making this educational adventure as fun and engaging as possible.

ZWAP! bonus points

Alexa prepares to trimscot the Wheel of Zero table for the ZWAP! roomPreparing the new ZWAP! activities has given Alexa, our Zero Waste Educator, a chance to build up her reuse skills. She has been making sure we’re walking the talk by ensuring that our actions are in line with our educational message.  From the ZWAP! game boards, to the Wheel of Zero, to the tables in the ZWAP! room, she’s made 99.9 percent of it using reused materials and has done so by cutting, sawing, drilling, screwing, hammering, and painting. Kudos to Alexa for putting so much energy into preparing for ZWAP! 2.0!

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