Even the most poker-faced Home ReSource regulars have been spotted cracking smiles amidst flurries of fifth graders on building materials scavenger hunts.

ZWAPers from Cold Springs Elementary with Becca our ZWAP! educator

ZWAP!, our Zero Waste Ambassadors Program for fifth graders, has begun and students, parents, and teachers alike have given us the seal of approval. Students want to come back. One parent chaperon remarked the program was “fantastic from beginning to end.” And teachers have thanked us for creating a “well-developed, fun, and meaningful” program.

ZWAP! is designed to help young Missoulians begin to think more critically about materials – where they come from and where they go – and to empower them with the knowledge that their choices really do matter so that they can help knock out waste in Missoula. This spring, more than 400 fifth graders will learn about the materials economy and reuse in this experiential Home ReSource educational program.

Want to get ZWAP!ed?

If you’d like more information, please contact Jeremy, Community Engagement Manager,

ZWAP! is supported in part by The Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation.