Deconstruction / Demolition

Deconstruction: The art of dismantling buildings for maximum reuse of materials

The Benefits

  • Conservation of energy and natural resources: Reusing building materials saves about 95% of the energy that would be required to produce the same new materials.  The demolition debris from a typical residential kitchen remodel equals, by weight, four years of curbside recycling from an average household.
  • Affordability:  Our rates are competitive with standard demolition, and materials from your deconstruction project are tax-deductible when donated to Home Resource, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Tax benefits usually result in significant  savings over conventional demolition for the home or building owner.
  • Community Enhancement: Your donation of reclaimed materials helps people of all income levels improve the livability of their homes and neighborhoods. We make the materials available locally-often by selling directly off the site-both for the benefit of the community and to save the environmental and financial costs of transportation.
  • Job Creation:  Deconstruction creates three to six local jobs for each one created from standard demolition practices.
  • Preservation of Architectural History:  The materials we salvage can add a sense of history and integrity when reused in new projects.
  • Quality Materials: Contrary to common expectations, many reclaimed materials are now prized for their quality.  Much lumber from earlier decades is more dense, drier and stronger than modern lumber. Even nail holes, weathering and other superficial damage can actually add value by lending a sense of history and rustic character.

Getting Started


Jason Nuckolls,
Deconstruction Manager

Home ReSource Deconstruction Manager Jason Nuckolls can evaluate your project, discuss options for salvage and donation, and prepare a bid for services. When comparing our bid to standard demolition bids, be aware that our bid will not reflect the value of your tax deduction. (See Frequently Asked Questions.)  You may need to consult an appraiser and a tax accountant to arrive at a number you can compare with other bids.

Contact Jason to schedule an initial consultation.

Jason Nuckolls, Deconstruction Manager
Store: 541-8300
Cell: 880-0404